Street Education Programme

This Months Blog highlights the work of the Street Education Programme who take Kanlungan’s love out into some of the poorest communities in Manila.


Jep’s Story

Jep used to live with his family under a bridge along Quirino  Ave. Manila. IMG_1257


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It’s hard to describe the conditions that families find themselves living in under this bridge where wood and metal have been stapled onto the underside of this busy duel carriageway to make shanty housing for over 200 people.      Families come and go, the bridge is sporadically cleared by the authority, but new families are quick to return and rebuild.    Kanlungan’s Street Education Program (SEP) is a constant presence in the community.


Like most of the families living under the bridge, Jep’s family would always wonder where their next meal would come from but they still had dreams that their children could attend school and change their future.

For Jep, his first contact with Kanlungan was receiving regular lunches brought to the community by the Street Education Programme staff and volunteers.


 He then joined in lessons with other children from his community.  Jep was keen to learn and worked hard.   The Kanlungan staff saw Jep’s determination to study, and through an ongoing  educational grant provided by Kanlungan he is now attending the local state school.


Jep and his family now live in better housing and the whole famliy have benefited from the ongoing support of the Kanlungan team.



Jep is among the hundred of thousands of children in Metro Manila whose are in desperate need through neglect or poverty. Kanlungan’s Street Education Program brings a team of Street Educator, Health Worker, Social Worker into communities like Jep’s to provide on-site activities such as feeding, first aid, counselling, socialisation and recreation and education.


The team also works to raise awareness of issues of children’s rights, child abuse and exploitation prevention and educates the parents on their responsibilities towards their children.   SEP makes sure that its activities are geared towards preventing abuse and neglect of children.     The whole community is taking responsibility for the children.


Future plans.  The Sreet Education Programme is now establishing Child Friendly Spaces in several communities in Ermita, Malate, and Paco areas. These spaces will be the hub of services of the program and the venue of partnership between Kanlungan, the children, their parents and the community members.  The team in SEP knows that they have a huge task to fulfil for the all the children to reach their full potential.  However, they believe that one act of kindness will make a difference just like one drop of water can make ripples.  As the the saying goes, “Save one soul and you save mankind.”

How we can support this ongoing work :-

PRAY:   Families, and especially the children, in slum communities are in constant risk from hunger, poor health, especially respiratory conditions caused by pollution.   Fires and other accidents are other threats.  The children are at high risk from predictors, and the families face the prospect of slum clearance operations at any time.

PRAY:   For Safely for the staff and volunteers as they continue to work in these communities.

GIVE:  Just 50p a day provides a nutritious meal for a child in a feeding programme.

Click here to donate:-


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