Taking a Huge Step Forward

The Benitez Street Reception centre offers a safe haven for children rescued from the streets in Manila.    Over the first few months the children are supported by teachers, social workers and house parents who work to assess if reconciliation with family is possible or if a permanent home within the Kanlungan family will be needed.

At the end of each summer a number of children from the Benitez Street Centre move on to live at their permanent homes at the girls and boys homes in the outskirts of Manila.    For vulnerable children who have found safety and security at the reception centre, possibly for the first time in their lives, the move can be very daunting and needs to be very carefully handled by the staff at the boys and girls homes.

This summer 12 children were transferred tot heir new homes.  9 girls 3 boys.Eunice Dipasupil, Kanlungan’s Comunications Officers reports of the children’s progress so far.

“Most of the children needs a sense of normality and continuity  in their lives.  The transfer to either the Girls’ Home and the Boys’ Home changes the children’s environment, the people they mingle with and even the rules and routines that they need to follow.
For some of the children this adjustment has been really hard and in turn this causes disorder and disruption in the whole centre during the transition period. 
The staff needs to be more patient and understanding and formulate new strategies to reconcile the differences between the newly transferred children and the older ones.
The children have been excited to start school.   we are thankful that they are settling well in school, meet new classmates and making friends. Even if they need to wake up early to get to school and have homework to do when they return home after school.”

The "Mini Library" at the Girls Home

The “Mini Library” at the Girls Home


A typical classroom at the state school the girls attend.


A place for everyone’s shoes.


  • Please pray for children and staff at each of the residential homes as they settle into new routines.

 Lyn-Lyn’s New Beginning


When you visit the Girls’ Home, you quickly notice Lyn-Lyn, the youngest girl at the home. She’ll be turning 6 years old this month.   

In 2014,  Lyn-Lyn’s mother left their family. Left with her father Lyn-Lyn and her two older sisters were neglected and abused as Their father became dependent on alcohol.

Lyn-Lyn and her sisters were referred to Kanlungan sa Er-Ma’s RCTC1 last year where they have stayed for 10 months before moving up to the Girls’ Home. 

As the youngest child Lyn-Lyn seemed shy and timid at first.  But as time has gone by she has grown in confidence and is now seen mingling and playing with the other children with no trace of shyness. 

Just like the other children, Lyn-Lyn was excited to be transferred to the Girls’ Home.  At her young age, she knows that transferring to the Girls’ Home means being able to study in school.  Her uneasiness about leaving the people and staff she was used to see everyday didn’t overshadow her excitement about what she had to look forward to at the Girls’ Home.

She loves the idea that in the Girls’ Home, she is with her two “Ate” (sisters) and that the other girls will become her new ‘sisters’.   She also feels safe being in Kanlungan and she does not need to worry where her needs will be coming from.

Lyn-Lyn is still in Preschool.  Even though she has a long way to go with her education, she knows how to value it by actively attending her classes and doing her school works. She has never missed a class since June.

Among all her activities in school, she loves art the most.  Her teachers say so concentrated well when drawing and coloring.

Lyn-Lyn  says she wants to become a teacher someday.  When  asked why she said she wanted the children to learn how to write, read, and draw.








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