The Mini-Olympics …


We had an amazing day yesterday at the third Streetlight / Kanlungan ‘Mini-Olympics’. Each of the Kanlungan Centre’s competed against each other to be crowned ‘Mini-Olympic Champion’. Members of our team were distributed amongst the different centres with Kuya Ian as a judge alongside Ate Sol.


Games included ‘Chase the Dragon’s Tail’, ‘Water Balloon Toss’ and ‘Three Legged Race’. One of the strangest games was the Caterpillar Race where two teams of five were. It was all great fun and the Boy’s Home ended by being victorious (with Simon and I proud to be part of the winning team!!!)

There was some fantastic food and a wonderful time of praise and worship at the end. Best of all was seeing the joy on the Children’s faces as they enjoyed such an amazing day, though it was hard to think of the chuildren from the Open Day Centre and the Street Education Programme going back to such difficult circumstances, though we thank God that so many were also able to go back to the safety of the Kanlungan Residential Centres.

We want to say thank you to all of our supporters for making it possible for the children to share such a joyful day and we thank God that together we are able to be part of this amazing family. 



2 thoughts on “The Mini-Olympics …

  1. Sounds like you are all getting sleep-deprived and energy-drained but what a fantastic faithful Father we have who can and will supply ALL the resources you need. Shelter close to Him drawing on His strength all the time. Praying for the peace, love and joy of Christ to be evident among you as you continue to serve Him and the young people.

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