Just like ordinary girls, perhaps.

Yesterday the full team spent the day at the Laguna Girls Home.    There are about 20 girls living as part of the family here at the moment and more will move up from mbenitez house next month to start the new school year.

Their home is a 4 storey house in a quiet residential street where they are cared for my house mothers and a social worker.   They are beautiful teenage girls. A little shy when we arrived but very soon joining in games, telling us about their lives and asking questions about life  in England.    We were treated to another beautiful presentation of dancing which every girl join in and again the streetlight team performed their theme song ‘my lighthouse’.

Naomi and I had the honour of staying over with the girls.    It was a everning of giggling, painting nails and watching dance routines on YouTube.   They are such happy girls and a real testament to the love and care of the kanlungan family who have patiently lead each child through so much to begin to heal and grow into beautiful young ladies.

Now it is 5am.   The girls are all up and happily doing chores.   Every chockerel in Laguna province is doing its thing.    It is the kanlungan sports day today so we are all off to the farm at 6am to join teams from every centre in what I am sure will be a very competitive day of sports, dance competitions and lots and lots of giggling and cheering.    It’s going to be so hot but I can’t wait.

We may be too tired to blog tonight but we will write again tomorrow.

X Helen

2 thoughts on “Just like ordinary girls, perhaps.

  1. Thanks Helen for the update, have a great day at the mini Olympics, it’s so good watching the children enjoying themselves, still praying for you all Mary xx

  2. It is great to hear that the girls are gaining in confidence and are blossoming into amazing young women. I hope you all excelled in the Olympics ☺. Julia x

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