Too much, too hot and too tired

Today has been our busiest day yet.   Out of the hotel at 9am and I’m just crawling into my bed now at 11.30 and the temperature has been up in the high 30′s.


We spent this morning visiting the Smokey mountain dump site community, this afternoon we spent time at the Tunasan Day Centre and visiting some of the children’s homes along the railway line.  Tonight we spent time with an amazing group of boys and young men who meet in the park most evenings to practice street dance.


Tomorrow we will try to explain the full mixture of emotions we’ve felt today but for now we are all well and happy to be in our beds.  Looking forward to visiting the girls home tomorrow.


X Helen





One thought on “Too much, too hot and too tired

  1. I can imagine the emotions and sensory overload. The work of Kanlungan is so important and appreciated by those who come to know them. God’s love shines through them. May he be with you all as you experience so much and keep you all safe.

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