A Day of Celebration at Benitez

Today was ‘Recognition Day’ at Benitez House. Children come to live at Benitez House from the streets or from referrals from social services. They stay for up to a year before moving on to the girls or boys home or being reconciled to their families. Today was the graduation ceremony for the children who are due to move on in May (the beginning of a new school year).
Dressing in their best clothes and wearing white graduation robes the children proudly received graduation certificates and performed songs and dances. As well as prizes for school work, children were also rewarded for values such as kindness, helpfulness, cheerfulness and tidiness.
Some children were proud to be able to invite parents or family members to the celebration but for many of the children, who do not have family contact, it was an honour for team members to stand with they to receive their prizes. Personally watching my Zac stand alongside a child receiving the award for ‘most clean and tidy’ did make me smile but I hope that her tidiness will rub off on Zac.
It was a day of great joy and lots of laughter but for some the thought of moving on is going to be very hard. One little girl bravely performed the dances with tears streaming down her face knowing that she is about to move up to the girls home leaving her two younger sisters at Benitez House. But wherever the children are, they will stay within the love and care of Kanlungan and will be encouraged to reach their full potential.
Tomorrow will be quiet day for the team. We will go to church with the staff at the Cathedral of Praise in the morning and then have some free time in the afternoon.
Thanks for your comments and prayers,
Helen x

2 thoughts on “A Day of Celebration at Benitez

  1. perfect match for zac!!!
    Enjoy a little down time tomorrow before your next action packed week. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.
    Lots of love to you all

  2. What a special time to be there; they must all ( staff and chikdren) feel so proud ( yet apprehensive ). God does amazing things ☺. It did make me chuckle about Zac! Enjoy your rest day before the next busy week.

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