Day three. Visiting the Bridge community.

Charlie writing –    Before coming on this trip I didn’t really know what to think, I’ve spent the last 5 months travelling the world 2 being spent in South East Asia so I didn’t think I could still be shocked by the conditions that humans live and survive. Today (Day 3) we visited the Bridge Community (literally a number of families living under or beside a bridge)

As much as I was appalled by the smell of the rotting black and grey sewage water the bridge goes over I was equally amazed by the families creativity and resourcefulness in building a multi level homes some that included electricity and washing facilities. Each shanty home housed between 4-7 people from new borns to great grandparents all built using very few suitable materials. Yet the families were still very proud to show us the grand tour of their homes and the children would drag you to show you their bed and things they used for toys.

There are a lot of highs and lows to this trip that all seem to merge into one emotional in the moment thought. Your happy to be playing with the children as many as 5 at a time seeing the smiles on their faces everyday is amazing, but then you think about their old life situations and how lucky they are to be part of Kanalungon and how many other children are out there needing this help and support. The overwhelming feeling is pure delight to be with them watching them being loud and happy and occasionally throwing them in the air because they want to be a spaceship, for me they are my favorite moments
We have only been here for three days but it feels like it’s a lot longer. Early mornings and late nights have kept us busy, The team are great but I’ve learnt playing games with the Taylor family may not always be so light hearted as they can be reacklessly competitive which im sure will give an extra edge to the Kanalungon Childrens Olympics event on Thursday…I can’t wait

3 thoughts on “Day three. Visiting the Bridge community.

  1. thank you all for taking the time to try to put into words all you are seeing and feeling. This sunday our 2 small and elderly congregations meet for their AGMs and you can be assured of their prayers as I share your blogs with them. A world away from our experiences in North Leicestershire but the same loving God watching over us and challenging us and equipping us. God bless you all as the days go on.

    Andrea Tim Andy and Hannah

  2. Thank you for your blog Charlie, reading it this morning I was immediately transported back to the sights and smells of Manila! And more importantly reminded of the tireless work of all the staff at Kanlungan and what a difference they make to so many young lives. I wish you all a blessed time for the rest of the trip Mary ( streetlight) x

  3. Thank you for such a beautifully written blog – you explain so well the feelings and experience of seeing these people and sharing in their world so well. Blessings to you all.

    PS Have taken 3 attempts to post…due to failing to get the sum right!

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