Day 2. Walking the Streets.

Mark writes:
Thanks to everyone for their comments, we read them in the coffee shop at breakfast this morning.
Today we have been visiting families who live on the streets and in very poor housing near Kanlungan’s base in the city. It is my first visit here for over two years so there have been quite a few changes and it has been good to meet some of the new staff.
It’s good to be here with Helen & Zac, it’s also good to have Helen’s niece Naomi with us and she is going to share a few thoughts about what she has seen:
“It is my first time visiting the Philippines, I’ve heard so much about it from family and friends who have visited before. It’s such an amazing place and nothing like what I’d imagined it to be, no photo or description could really do it justice. It’s such a busy vibrant city, with every street comes different sights and smells. It’s amazing just to be in a completely different environment and culture.
The staff and volunteers are all incredible people and are so happy, kind, helpful and enthusiastic.
Today we visited two different areas and communities living on the streets of Manila, its so hard to see how people live with so little but amazing how happy and kind everybody is. The children are so lovely and smiley, it’s so much fun to spend time with them and play with them.
Looking forward to spending two more weeks here, getting to know everyone better on the team, staff here and the children”.


Tomorrow we have an early starting helping the open day centre (ODC) staff with their feeding programme.

4 thoughts on “Day 2. Walking the Streets.

  1. Sorry the layout of this blog is not as pretty as I’d have liked. The blog manager is playing up and is deleting Line spacing and the internet is on/off so I needed to get something posted for you to read before I go to bed. Thanks for your understanding. Helen.

  2. thank naomi for taking time after a busy day to write to us. It is fantastic to see things through your eyes this time. Very very proud of you. Have a great day at the day centre tomorrow. Xxx

  3. So pleased to read your brilliant first full-day impression. The joy of the the Lord will be your strength – all the time- even when you feel physically, even emotionally drained. Love and prayer for all.

  4. Your description of Manila is spot on! It is good to hear your news and about the work that Kanlungan continues to do with such passion and God’s love.

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