RAC Update

Following on from our blog post in October about the conditions facing Street Children detained at the Reception and Action Centre (RAC) in Manila we are pleased to hear that progress has been made….

RAC Manila has now been temporarily closed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development until it meets the government standards for residential shelters.

Bahay Tuluyan and partner NGOs are proactively looking for ways to assist the government to improve programs for street children and to bring those accountable for abuse of children in RAC to justice.

Frederico, the emaciated child in the photo which started our petition is now doing really well and has increased his body weight by more than 50%.

A massive thank you to all who supported our petition!


Please continue to pray for all those organisation involved in the decisions that will now be made.



Streetlight Financial Report 2014

thanksPraise God for continued blessing on our finances, and thanks to many of you for your generous contributions.

Our accounts have been independently examined and we are pleased to say that our total cash receipts were up to a record £74,862. That is 17% up on 2013.   Our cash receipts were boosted by a very large Gift Aid claim.  If we exclude Gift Aid, then our income was actually 7% down on 2013.

One highlight of the year was our group fundraising which hit a record £15,388.

Thank you to everyone involved with the Night of the Stars Concert, the Ball at St Mary’s, and everyone who put on events on our behalf.  Special thanks to  those in Tettenhall and Warsop who fundraised on our behalf.  You raised almost £1,900 .   We also received a one off donation of £5,000 for the KSEM coffee shop project.

Another highlight was direct financial support from churches which also hit a record £11,182.  Thank you to all the churches that supported us during the year. We value your partnership with us !

Streetlight Trust fulfilled it planned giving to Kanlungan  by giving £58,633 over the year.   This leaves a healthy reserve going into 2015 which will allow us to respond to even more needs as they arise.

We will publish our accounts on the Charity Commission website once they have been approved by the Trustees. That won’t be until May.  In the meantime, if you want to know more about our finances, just e-mail Andrew Barton at bar.fam@btinternet.com

With every blessing and thank you for supporting Streetlight.    We are looking forward to how much more we can do together in 2015.

Petition to reform or close the Reception and Action Centre, Manila.

Warning:   This article contains disturbing images

The Reception and Action Centre (RAC) in Manila is a holding facility for vulnerable children and young people collected from the Street of Manila.    It is a regular part of Kanlungan’s work to intercede for children when they have been rounded up from their communities on the streets and held at the RAC.

Streetlight volunteers have seen firsthand the RAC facility and, in our experience,  this article is fair and the RAC is a place that no child should ever experience.


‘Change’ are organising an on-line petition calling on the authorities in Manila to reform or close the RAC.


Please click here to sign the change.org petition

  • Petitioning Mayor Joseph Estrada  -  Upgrade or Close RAC

Upgrade or Close RAC

This photo was taken inside Reception and Action Center, Manila (RAC) on 12 October 2014.  It shows a child who is clearly severely malnourished and very unwell lying naked on a cement floor.  On the date this photo was taken this child had been under the ‘protective custody’ of the Philippine government, specifically the Manila City government, for seven months.  He had received no medical treatment.  Upon release to Bahay Tuluyan he had a black eye and bruising and initial medical reports indicated he had ‘multiple injuries secondary to mauling’.

The conditions inside RAC are abysmal.  Children are detained in this center without charge yet are treated worse than criminals.  They are denied the most basic rights – adequate food, clean water, bedding and even clothing.  Moreover not only are children denied contact with their families but their families are often not even notified that they are being held inside RAC.

Children inside RAC are brought there by government officials, police or barangay tanod, often after having been beaten or mistreated.  Most of the time the children do not even know why they are being taken to RAC, with workers citing various reasons for admission; ‘rescue’, ‘curfew’ or commission of an offence.  Accordingly, children accused of committing offences are detained in the same quarters as those who have supposedly been ‘rescued’ for protective purposes.  The beating and abuse continues inside RAC with children being both physically and sexually abused by both staff and fellow chidlren.

Bahay Tuluyan, along with its many partners, has been advocating for better conditions in RAC since 2008 (refer especially to Sagip or Huli: Rescue of Street Children in Caloocan, Manila, Pasay and Quezon Cities, 2009) and has involved the Manila City government, DSWD and CHR in various discussions about the above mentioned concerns.  Despit this there has been no change in the conditions in RAC during that time.

This horrific treatment of children can not continue.  Adequate policies and laws exist in the Philippines to regulate the running of child care institutions to appropriate standards yet this insitution, run by government, falls far below those standards.

We request you to IMMEDIATELY SUSPEND the operations of RAC until it meets DSWD standards of accreditation and can assure that children will be treated with the dignity tha they deserve.

KSEM Kafe News







KSEM Kafe is very proud to announce that it is now ranked

Number 2 amongest 751 restaurants and kafe in Manila on Tripadvisor.com.
“For a cup of coffee you buy in the kafe, you help send a child to school”


Congratulations to all the Staff.


Here are some Photos of recent activities at KSEM KAFE.


ksem7 ksem8

New Additions to the Menu


Sticky Toffee Pudding






Oat and Cherry Slices




KSEM has also hosted a private function this week which looked amazing.

ksem1 ksem2 ksem3









And the training room has been in use.

ksem6 ksem5










Streetlight Trust is so proud of everythign that KSEM Kafe is doing.

Expressive Arts Therapy Session

Some great pictures from this weeks expressive arts therapy session at the girls home.   The children are encouraged to write encouraging messages on each others backs.

Children who are learning to cope with trauma often find it easier to express themselves in non-verbal ways through art and music.   Your donations help this important work of restoration continue in these young loves.


arts 2014

Tell me who I am?



arts2 2014

exploring my stengths


‘My Strengths” crowns









Wearing my strengths with confidence

fried bananas

Fried banana snack after a successful session!

Abseiling Curate!

towerSimon Douglas – who was on our team that visited Kanlungan in February this year, is raising funds for us and for his church by abseiling down his church’s bell tower!
Simon has sent us this to let us know what he is doing and we want to say thank you!
“I’ve not done this for many years, although I have contributed to many, but the opportunity has come up to help some needy causes.
On 22 June, as part of our Big Welcome church open day, I will be hurling myself down the medieval bell tower at the church here, rope attached (I hope), www.stmichaels-church.org.uk/, in order to raise funds jointly for our continued work within our community, but also for the Streetlight Trust, who support work with street children in Manila in the Philippines. I was privileged to visit the projects supported by this trust a few months ago, to see first hand the invaluable work they do with street children in the capital, estimated by UNICEF to be as many as 150,000. We also visited the areas which had been most affected by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in November 2013.
Helping us are the great team at Wolf Mountain, www.wolfmountain.co.uk , and if you feel the need to reach for the skies or need to have some great fun with the family their facilities are brilliant.
Rather than prattle on as we are all busy spend a couple of minutes having a think and if you can spare a few pounds that would be welcomed in a big way. Here is my page www.justgiving.com/bigwelcome

Congratulations to KSEM Kafe

We congratulate KSEM Kafe for ranking No. 6 among the 736 restaurants in Manila in Trip Advisor. We thank you for all your support, ratings and good reviews.











Press here to see the Ksem Kafe Trip Advisor entry




You can buy a KSEM Kafe mug in the UK for just £5 each plus P & P

Please e-mail:  info@streetlight-trust.org.uk   To order a mug.   Ksem SLT Mugs



Streetlight Team News

The Streetlight Team have arrived safely back in the UK bringing some amazing stories and pictures with them that they will be able to blog about over the next few weeks.







One highlight of this trip was an activity day at the Farm where chidlren from every project came together to join in what was called the

’1st Inter Centre Pinoylympics’

I’ll let Ate Sol Explain………





‘We thank the Lord for adding another milestone in Kanlungan. Last May 3, 2014, Kanlungan had its 1st Inter Center Pinoylympics.


Held in the Kanlungan Farm in Gen.Aguinaldo, Cavite

More than a hundred children, staff, and volunteers had a ”friendly” competition of Filipino games like Patintero, Agawang buko, Hilahang lubid (tug-of-war) and games like the Boxes relay, Caterpillar walk, Pila Balde, Gulong ng Talampakan and Amazing Race. 

olympic4At the end of the day everyone was awarded for the efforts they’ve exerted, the sportsmanship they’ve shown and the camaraderie they’ve strengthened in that activity.’




The Streetlight team are really grateful for the additional support for this trip received from Newton Longville Primary School,St. Paul’s Church, Ealing, Enderby Parish Church and Danemill Primary School, without this additional support this specific answer to prayer would of never been possible.

Many Thanks for your prayerful support during this trip.

Ian Herbert

Streetlight Team April 2014

It’s Monday as I write this blog, the end of day 4 and it feels like I’ve been here so much longer.
I feel very privileged to of been welcomed so warmly into being part of this team. We have met some amazing people on our journey so far…

KANALUNGAN FIRST EVER FESTIVAL!!! bringing all Kanalungan centres and Kanalungan family together for a sports festival. Thank you to our regular donors, we are really grateful for the additional support received from Newton Longville Primary School, St. Paul’s Church, Ealing, Enderby Parish Church and Danemill Primary School, without this additional support this specific answer to prayer would of never been possible.

Where will it take place? at the Farm!

We as a team representing Streetlight will be split up up and competing in other teams. We will be sharing great food and fellowship with all of the Kanalungan family.

When? This Saturday 3rd May!

What have we been up to so far?

Friday started off with a great breakfast at the Ksem Kafe closed followed by a presentation by the children of Benitez House.

Saturday Quirino Community graduation for vacation bible school (The Bridge Community) graduation again in the afternoon at Benitez for vacation school.

Sunday we attended church at Cathedral of Praise. In the afternoon we choose to stroll along the bay and experience street communities where we had the opportunity to pray with a gentleman from who had lost his home and his family in the typhoon in Tacloban.
In the evening we had an opportunity to engage in the Filipino local social culture.

Monday this morning we had a wonderful opportunity to share in devotions with the Kanalungan staff. Led by Crystal who gave an encouraging bible based reflection. What a wonderful way to start the week.
This afternoon we visited a community living at a Manila North Cemetery.

…………..please pray for for The Bridge Community as the families are being evicted next month. This will be very difficult for them as they will all be split up and moved north and south of Manila.